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Accurate Spam Solutions

Google email security (SP)  

Specially designed for the core security requirements and large numbers of users in the internet Service Provider environment, SPAM in a BOX in conjunction Google email security for service providers, powered by Postini, gives you a comprehensive, yet affordable, set of tools to secure email connections and regulate email delivery. By keeping ever growing volumes of spam and email threats off of your network, you free up ISP network resources, lower costs, and provide an added value service to help build customer loyalty and retain customer revenue.

SPAM in a BOX in conjunction Google email security (SP) powerful features:

  • Accurate spam filtering
  • Inbound virus blocking
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) and DoS blocking
  • User-specific quarantines
  • Automated user management
  • Optional Disaster Recovery spooling
  • Flexible multi-policy architecture
  • User-managed white and black lists
  • 24x7 support
  • Real-time integration to Directory Sync for streamlining disparate users.

SPAM in a BOX in conjunction Google email security (SP) advantages:

  • Compatible with any email system
  • No additional hardware, software, or ongoing maintenance
  • All updating is done automatically
  • No need for lengthy inventory and system qualification audits
  • Flexible settings allow for delegating administration responsibilities and controlling user and administrative access
  • Reduces bandwidth, mail server CPU cycles, message storage, and IT labor resources
  • Promotes customer loyalty and retention with added value service
  • Provides the same core email protection technology enjoyed by enterprise customers---at a price designed for ISPs.
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