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  What Postini customers have to say

"Since we implemented Postini, the service has captured virtually all of the spam that we used to see. We have also seen a significant decrease in email server traffic load, which makes it easier to manage our mission-critical email system."

Ken Donahue, Sr. Vice President & CIO
META Group

"After a simple configuration, the Postini service worked as promised. Nearly 99% of our unsolicited e-mail messages stopped immediately. We have taken back control of our time and our systems from the spammers!"

Jim Jensen, V.P. Information Technology
SkyWest Airlines

"David Bauer [Merrill Lynch] says it would take up to four full-time employees to delete the approximately 200,000 daily spams it was receiving before hiring Postini."

As reported in USA TODAY
January 27, 2004

"We evaluated all of the products and services that we thought would meet our needs and chose Perimeter Manager for its combination of very low overhead operation and customizability. Since we turned it on, our users have been very satisfied and are able to focus on growing our business rather than sorting through their email in-boxes."


Mike Tolbert, CIO
Hormel Foods

"Spam was becoming a concern for some of our associates, consuming network resources and impacting the productivity of our employees. The Postini service has been easy to deploy and has required virtually no administration time on our part. We have been pleased with the performance of the service and its overall accuracy, with few false positives turning up during the process. Our employees have experienced a noticeable improvement in their email in-boxes."

Dennis Bowman, Chief Information Officer
Circuit City

"With Postini, we can focus our time and energy on areas that bring value to the business while knowing our email is securely managed. We are pleased to say, Postini Perimeter Manager® has been one of the most positively received implementations in years. The daily complaints and headaches about the volume of spam have turned into unsolicited praise."

Donald O. Sternfeld, Director of Information Services/CIO
Ropes & Gray

"Postini's highly secure Perimeter Manager was deployed to over 75% of our 8,000 plus employees within a short time period with a high rate of success. Since we don't have to spend valuable time managing and tuning filters, or updating a server with software releases, our technology support personnel are free to focus their time on the needs of our internal customers."

Craig Courter, Chief Technology Officer
Baker & McKenzie

"Postini is very quick and easy to work with. I can now review 400 quarantined emails in less than five minutes. It's one of the best things our IT department has ever done for us."

John St. Clair III, Realtor
Alain Pinel Realtors



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